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Profi Training in October - Special Classes Await You!

The initiative Professional Dance Training at Sonnenstein Loft has prepared special goodies for all dance Profis in October, in collaboration with the A!KO Dance Festival.

Apart from the usual morning classes led by local dancers, teachers and artists, there is a chance to take a class with guest teachers from Korea and the United States.

On 26th October, a scholarship dancer from South Korea, Hyo Min is going to lead a K-POP class.

On 27th October, there is an opportunity to join a company class of ArtLab J, a dance company based in the U.S., lead by Joori Jung*.

On 28th October, a special Friday class awaits you: Contemporary Ballet with a scholarship dancer and the coordinator of the A!KO Dance Festival, Moon Kyoung Hyoun.

Special Profi Training classes are taking place in the frame of the A!KO Dance Festival, an artistic exchange between Korea and Austria, directed by LiLi Jung In Lee and co-produced by Damian Cortes Alberti:

Registration to all the Profi Training classes, including special classes, happens as usual - via e-mail to Fee: 5€ (Red Sapata members) and 10€ (non-members)*. Registration: needs to occur the latest 24h prior to the class. After that, there is a possibility to drop-in (7€ members / 12€ non-members).

*For the ArtLab J Company Class, there is a special fee of 15€ (Early Bird registration until 23.10), or 20€ (after 23.10). More info:

Let’s meet on the morning dance floor!


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