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Sufi Dance


Samer Alkurdi


€ 22


1,5 h


So 7.1. / 16:45 - 18:15

About the workshop:

Unterrichtssprache: Englisch / Language: English

Deutsche Beschreibung: Dieser Workshop liefert einen Einblick in die Kombination aus klassischem Sufi mit den bekannten Drehbewegungen und der Spiraldynamik so wie sie in diversen Richtungen des zeitgenössischen Tanzes angewendet wird. Samer Alkurdi als Entwickler diverser Bewegungsmehthoden und Übungen, Profi im traditionellen orientalischen Tanz (diverse Richtungen) sowie professioneller zeitgenössischer Tänzer, verbindet hier Welten, die zwar entfernt scheinen, aber doch näher als gedacht sind. Die Philosophie des Sufi wird mit dem Bewegungsansatz aus dieser Fusion von Richtungen nähergebracht und spürbar gemacht.

Workshop management:

Samer Alkurdi

Samer Alkurdi

Dancer, Choreographer, Designer, Researcher, Director, Entrepreneur, Producer, Movement and Dance Pedagogue. Samer's work focuses on dancers' multidisciplinary routines and dance improvisation techniques that encourage contemporary dancers and choreographers to inform and be informed by other research fields such as cognitive science, architecture, fine arts, and interactive technologies.

He studied contemporary dance and dance performance in the institute of dance art, Linz Austria. And later spent his master's study of movement research and dance pedagogy to develop a choreographic map as a method for approaching contemporary dance practice in movement improvisation within interdisciplinary and artistic contexts.

Samer proposed a theoretical study of task-based movement practice "Retroactive-scores" as a dance improvisation technique that encourages contemporary dancers and choreographers to inform and be informed by other research fields such as cognitive science, architecture, fine arts, and interactive technologies. In the scope of his work, two key lines were questioned:

How do moving bodies become a source of information when the systemic structure for movement production in dance is applied?

How can a dancer's complex process of learning a sequence of movements or choreography contribute to the larger field of research and education with reference to dance? ​

Samer started his career as a professional dancer in 2002. Later working ‘JULLANAR’ dance company in Syria for years, he had the opportunity to be collecting extensive experience in various types of folk dances and eastern arts while integrating various contemporary and ballet techniques. His tours as a dancer around Asia, Europe, and the Middle East gave him a chance also to meet and exchange knowledge with artists from different artistic backgrounds from all around the world and broaden his perspective about Urban and modern dance routines.

​From 2011, Samer working as a choreographer and art director for AG concept - (an event planning company based in Beirut, Cairo, and Dubai), led him to succeed in the field as producer and Event's curator for several projects like:

• Theatrical Show ‘’A Story of Dream’’ as Choreographer and Director, Beirut.

• Show of “Pleine Nature’’ as Choreographer and Director, Beirut.

• Opening and Closing Ceremonies for “Al Fujairah Mono Drama Festival” as Choreographer, EAU.

• “The Culture Month platform” as Choreographer, EAU, Alein Emirate.

​He joined later the ‘SIMA’ dance company (A company founded by dancers from the High Institute of Arts, Damascus, Syria). During the critical crises in Syria, the company had to move to Beirut, Lebanon and decided to keep going for their passion for dance and life as well and the company re-established itself by giving workshops, building repertories, and performing as freelance dance artists while keeping a strong collaborative working spirit.

Sima Dance company won the First prize of Arab’s Got Talent 3 in 2013.

During the same period of time, Samer also worked as an actor for many film productions and commercial TV series, which also added a channel for him to test and question his physical knowledge as an instrument of expression.

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