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Profi Training Linz

Training für fortgeschrittene / professionelle Tänzer:innen mit abwechselnden Leiter:innen

Service Description

We are pleased to announce regular professional training for contemporary dancers at the Sonnenstein Loft in collaboration with RedSapata, Linz. The training will be lead by different dancers from the Red Sapata community as well as guest dancers (the teachers and the program will be published on the Facebook group page: Professional Dance Training in Linz). The content of the training will be decided by each individual teacher. The focus will be on movement practice, technique, and body conditioning. The training addresses professional Dancers with Contemporary background. All techniques and movement practices are welcome to be taught. Teachers are welcome to lead improvisational and choreographic practices if they wish. Do you want to lead the training? Come to Profi Training as a teacher! Do you want to train? Come to Profi Training as a participant! Do you want to both lead & train? Come to Profi Training as both teacher & participant! SPACE FOR SHARING & MOTIVATION - Training for Professional Dancers Tuesday 09:00-11:00 & Thursday 10:00-12:00 Location: SonnensteinLoft (Sonnensteinstraße 11-13, 4040 Linz) more current infos & schedule: ​

Our prices for the summer semester 2024: 

Single appointment courses (Contemporary, K-Pop): 18 €, Single appointment Tango: 25 €,

10-ticket Contemporay/K-Pop: €170, 10-ticket Tango: €235

Semester and course times summer semester 2024:

Courses run weekly except for public holidays and vacations, start: February 26th, 2024, end: July 4th, 2024, then summer program  (reduced course program)

Our prices for the winter semester 2023/24: 

Single appointment courses: 18 €, single appointment Tango: 25 €

Price plans (time tickets):

170 € block of 10, 300 € single course semester

400 € VIP semester ticket (attend all courses)

Argentine Tango: Single appointment €25, ticket for 10 €245

Semester and course times winter semester 23/24:

Start: September 11, 2023, end: February 15, 2024

Courses run weekly except for public holidays and Christmas holidays (12/24/23 - January 6, 2024)

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