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"Hybrid Space": A place that transcends borders and interface for art, research and encounter

When 2020 Corona led to global lockdown, the term "hybrid" suddenly became inevitable in the creative and cultural scene. Live experiences had largely been eliminated, and this hardship encouraged cultural festivals, visual artists, performers, and theaters to explore new ways of delivery.

In technology, "hybrid" refers to a system in which two technologies are combined. The special feature is that the elements brought together represent solutions in themselves, but by bringing them together new desirable properties can emerge.

This can of course be applied just as well in the cultural sphere, and at the same time raised questions about its feasibility. What are the possibilities for realizing collaborative formats and interactive cultural production via the Internet? What are the requirements for low-latency transmission of audio and video? How can audience engagement be achieved? What are the ways to extend the physical space of stages?

RedSapata has addressed these social and artistic developments by designing the "Hybrid Space Project." This is now being funded and made possible by the federal government through Call 21 in 2022; it is curated by Linz-based cultural manager and dance educator Cornelia Lehner (

Through residencies and events, "Hybrid Space" offers an interdisciplinary exploration of digital possibilities in analog space with a focus on dance, movement and performance.

"By means of digital possibilities and resources provided by the "Hybrid Space" in the Sonnenstein Loft, on the one hand a digital, temporal and spatial connection of people and places can emerge. But it also perceives the urgent human need for intimacy and togetherness that exists, especially in times of a pandemic. Investigating and establishing encounters between the online audience and the physical audience is one of the essential goals of the residency," says Cornelia Lehner.

Author: Inez Ardelt


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