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  • I forgot my shoes/things etc. in the loft. What should I do?
    In the entrance to the loft is the Lost & Found Box, where forgotten items are placed. The best way to pick up the lost items is to simply come and pick them up.
  • What robe should I wear?
    It is important that you feel comfortable and that you can move freely in the clothes. For certain courses such as Contemporary Basic or Breaking, it is advisable to wear long trousers as some exercises are also performed on the floor. 
  • I would like to take a look, what is the possibility?
    To get a taste of it, there is the option of booking individual tickets for the respective courses (online or on site) or using our own vouchers for promotional campaigns.
  • I'm not sure what level of dance I am. How do I find the right course?
    Our courses are divided into 'beginner', 'intermediate' and 'advanced'. If you are unsure, you can try out the desired course with a single ticket. These can be booked on our website or directly before the lesson with the teacher.
  • Can I join a course during the semester?
    Yes. You can also contact the:the teacher:in advance and clarify what is required for the lesson.
  • How can I register for courses?
    On our website you will find all the offers for our courses. However, you can also buy a single ticket directly before the lesson from the teacher or by email at log in.
  • How do I find the loft?
    We have directions on our website:
  • What if I want to book a semester ticket after an individual course, will the individual course be deducted?
    Yes. The single hour will be deducted from the semester ticket price. 
  • Is there a student discount?
    No, unfortunately, we don't offer a discount for students.
  • I bought a 10-ticket for myself and my partner, does this count as a 1 appointment deduction when attending the same appointment or as 2?
    When buying a 10-ticket for 2 people, 2 dates will be deducted from the 10 when attending the same course date. Buying a 10-ticket for 2 people is equivalent to buying 2 5-tickets. It is not possible to transfer the 5 or 10 card.
  • Can I attend several courses with my 5 or 10 class card?
    Yes, but the number of minutes must be the same or less than the 5 or 10 card.For example, a 10-card 90 min would be compatible with K-Pop 90 min, Contemporary Basics 90 min or Streetdance Advanced 70 min.
  • The online payment didn't work, can I also pay on site?
    Yes, you can pay on the spot. Simply speak to the relevant person at the cash register at the bar.
  • Money was deducted from my online payment, but unfortunately I did not receive a confirmation. What now?
    Unfortunately there are communication problems between our payment service provider and our webpage host. If the money has been debited, this is entered in our system, if not, we ask you to come to us with the respective account statement and show it to us so that we can investigate it.
  • How long is the 5 or 10 card valid?
    The 5-ride card is valid for 2 months from the date of purchase. The 10 card is valid for 4 months from the date of purchase.
  • Can the 5 or 10 card be transferred to a third party?
    The 5 and 10 tickets are not transferrable to other people and are only valid for the buyer of the respective ticket.
  • I got sick, can I have the single ticket credited to my account?
    Yes, email us at and we issue a voucher for a class of the same number of minutes.
  • Is there a sibling discount?
    Yes, when purchasing semester tickets and all-ins, there is a sibling discount of 20% for semester tickets and 40% all-in for each additional family member. This can be picked up on site in the Sonnensteinloft.
  • Welche Vorteile bringt mir das VIP-Semesterticket?
    Mit dem VIP-Semesterticket hast du im gewählten Semester Zugang zu allen Kursen deiner Wahl. Darüber hinaus bekommst du 30% Rabatt auf Workshops sowie Veranstaltungen/Showings.

Has your question not been answered yet? You are also welcome to ask us personally. Just send us an!

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