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Afro Imbalu


Jamal Abale


€ 40


3 h


Sa 6.1. / 13:15-16:30

About the workshop:

Kadodi is a Gisu traditional freestyle dance from Eastern part of Uganda typically performed at the Gisu male circumcision initiation ceremony known as the Imbalu. Where all people dance together celebrating a new age of a grown up boy into manhood while roaming around the village with songs and drums accompanied by female dancers from which the new man chooses a partner to start a courtship journey together.

Kadodi dance is performed by both male and female dancers. From the circle of these dancers a male dance gets to choose a partner who they like in a courtship aspect. Until date it's a circumcision and courtship dance.

With the Afro and house accents we shall integrate the Imbalu steps, visualizing and minimalizing all these African influences into ONE. African cultural dances are multi-rhythmic and house dance having African movements as an influence makes it possible to blend the two elements together. With the help of drums and songs we will have the basics of kadodi dance and one basic step from house to integrate, variate inorder to explore house as a club house and kadodi as an African accent.

This workshop is open for all levels. It's purposely for roots/basics of two different styles. Foundation is always my goal.

Looking forward to explore this authenticity with all of you 💚

Workshop management:

Jamal Abale

Jamal Abale

I am by names of Abale Jamal a.k.a man with the scarf from Uganda East African region
currently living in Vienna, Austria. Founder of Compassion dance crew my former crew in
Uganda and now member of Crew la Creme in Vienna. I have been teaching and battling for the past 12 years.
I am a passionate and enthusiastic dance artist who shares mainly dances with roots from my indigenous background integrated with an accent of urban styles such as Afro dance,traditional, House dance,hip hop and breaking.
My inspiration to dance is love because music is love and its the food for our souls. Music is the only reason for our growth. When we allow freedom to our body's through movement to rhythm we release a beautiful energy that elevates energy in the surrounding atmosphere. Dance is Freedom, dance is Therapy, dance is hope.

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